What's New at the PIC

  • The Four Pillars of Safety

    For a true culture of safety to exist the “Four Pillars of Safety”: Engagement, Recognition, Communications, and Measurement must be in place. Only then can safety tactics and measurements be made effective and meaningful. » Read the full White Paper

  • Prescription for Success: Employee Engagement Saves Lives in the Healthcare Industry

    This white paper will unbundle engagement to make it more practical and accessible, help clarify which factors actually lead to an engaged employee, and detail how to easily and inexpensively leverage those factors in the workplace. » Read the full White Paper

  • Business is Social: How Companies Are Creating New Sources of Value

Business is inherently social. Companies create value not just from the goods and services they provide, but also from the networks and the social interactions they facilitate. » Read the full White Paper

  • Enough Is Enough: How to Solve Lackluster Sales Performances Once and For All

Hint: The key to finding the solution may literally be right in front of you! » Read the full White Paper

  • Connecting Recognition to Brand Values
    Today’s rewards and recognition programs can be designed to encourage participation and foster a more openly accepting culture that values innovation. » Read the full White Paper
  • Virtual Workforce Realities
    Organizations have an unparalleled opportunity to further innovate and expand reach by leveraging virtual communities to maximize the impact of their communication tools and events. » Read the full White Paper

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