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  • 7 Misconceptions about Employee Retention

    When it comes to employee engagement, there is a first and obvious principle: you can’t engage someone who isn’t there. Employee retention is integral to employee engagement. Having a clear understanding of your turnover rate and why employees leave your company is foundational to your engagement strategy, talent acquisition efforts, and long-term planning.

    A break-up—on any level—is difficult, which is why it’s tempting for organizations to treat each employee departure as either a one-off or a blessing. Instead of looking for root causes and connecting the dots, companies may be tempted to rationalize their employee turnover, by explaining it away with one or more of seven misconceptions. »Read the full White Paper

  • Holiday Campaign Underway for WWP

    PIC, along with IMA, is pleased to be participating in the 2014 Holiday Gift Drive for Wounded Warrior Project. »Read More

  • Getting the Most from Your Channel Incentives
  • Businesses that rely on resellers to move their products understand that motivating this elusive group is an essential, yet challenging, part of their business. Channel, or dealer incentive, programs differ from other types of incentive programs in one important respect: your company does not employ the participants.  »Read the full White Paper

  • Engaged Employees Provide Better Customer Service
    Appreciating employees can make a difference to your bottom line
  • A culture of excellent customer care does not just happen. To create one, you must first foster a culture of engagement and recognition. Smart leaders know it’s their people who are the lifeblood of an organization, and asking them to commit to the company vision requires letting them know you value them. »Read the full White Paper

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